Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitwice Lakes
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If you are planning a trip to Croatia I’m sure that you would like to know: what to do and where to go.
First thing which you have in mind is to lie on the beach, snorkel or whatever your heart desires and I understand that, but if you would like to do something different then I recommend that you should visit Plitvice Lakes (Plitvička jezera).

Where are the Plitvice Lakes ?

They are located in the oldest National Park in Croatia (and in South Europe) called Plitvice Lakes National Park and they are one of the biggest attractions in Croatia. They are also part of UNESCO world heritage.

National Park is located nearby Bosnia-Herzegovina border on D1 road, about 140 km from Zagreb, a capital city of Croatia Republic of and about 280 km from Split (the second-largest city of Croatia).

Plitvice Lakes consist of sixteen sizable and a few smaller lakes, which are stepwise and descend into one another. There are many caves and beautiful waterfalls.

Plitvice Lakes - families with small children

I have been there once in August with my wife and child (one-year old) and a baby carrier. We loved that place and enjoyed every moment spent there, but I think that it isn’t a good place for families with small children.
In many places there should be downward slopes for baby carrier, but unfortunately there aren’t :)

Plitwice Lakes with a baby

Walking routes

There are many walking routes in Plitvice Park, but we chose the shortest one and after a few minutes we walked to the first harbor.
There were boats sailing to the next harbor of free charge. We got into one ship and sailed away. After about 5 minutes we reached the second harbor and again sailed to the next, the third harbor was quite a big area.
We use facilities there and bought something to eat.

plitvice boat

wooden footbridges

We spent about an hour there, and next we walked forward passing wooden footbridges located just above the water.
Finally we had to walk up hill and it really wasn’t an easy thing (especially as I pushed a baby carrier with our child :)) but we reached the top and jumped onto a small railway, which was free of charge. It took us back to the place where we started our trip.